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SEO Audit Services

Here at Conversie Online Interactive, our team of highly trained SEO specialists have worked with hundreds of websites of varying sizes in all imaginable industries. Let’s work together and build the best SEO audit imaginable!

SEO Audit Services

Increase your website’s organic performance in hunt results with an SEO audit. Whether your website has been finished major changes or a period of abandonment, it can be tough to figure out just how to move forward. We take the estimation out of SEO by sharing ranked recommendations and deliverables you can device immediately to improve your site’s performance.

Our SEO Audit Process

Conversie Online has a powerful and tried link-building process. Our link acquisition practices are in line with Google guidelines and we always focus on top accreditation for your brand. Our strategy is guaranteed to excel your authority over the web.

Our SEO Audit Takeaways

After finalizing your audit, we’ll give you strategic documents & an interactive strategy tool to assist you carry your SEO strategy into the upcoming years. You’ll receive a number of pages technical SEO recommendation guide to device with your developer, and we’ll help to authorize the implementations were accomplished appropriately within the three months following the initial engagement.


SEO Audit Services Guide

We have provided a brief guide to what you should expect out of an in-depth SEO audit, and the benefits of having an audit done. It’s a useful read even if had an audit before, and we’d like to set a standard for the type of SEO audit service you should come to expect from a professional SEO agency.

An SEO audit is a comprehensive process to evaluate and identify issues that might be preventing a website from ranking optimally in the SERPs. Once any concerns are found, they can be addressed and rectified to meet the current best practices for SEO. An agency that provides SEO audit services will present you with an overall picture of your site after they have aggregated all the data and provide you with an easy to understand action plan.

When you take your car for an annual service, there might be some issues discovered that you may not have known about - even though everything looks fine on the surface. A big reason for going in for annual service is to catch the types of invisible problems that might turn into bigger issues over time and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

SEO audits are not dissimilar; we can pretty much guarantee your site will have some issues that are affecting its health or will be potentially damaging. If those issues are identified and put right as early as possible, they can improve rankings and prevent a site from incurring algorithmic or manual penalties at a future date. A few tweaks to your website might be all it needs for you to beat a competitor that was outranking you.

An SEO audit will not only identify issues that might be affecting the performance of your site in the eyes of the search engines but also has the potential to improve the user experience of your visitors.

Fixing issues that come to light after an audit can increase your rankings and gain your more traffic. Investing your money in an SEO audit and implementing the required changes will result in free organic traffic and better ROI for your online campaigns. If you are spending a fortune in ad spend, this can be cut back if your website is working to its full potential. Organic traffic will provide you with targeted leads or sales, night and day at no extra cost.

Another benefit of an SEO audit is after you have had your first one and the issues that are affecting your site have been identified, you'll know what to look out for in the future and won't be as likely to make the same mistakes again.

Your Site Can Benefit from SEO Audits Services If:

  • If you've never had an SEO audit before
  • Your website is seeing lower rankings or less traffic
  • Your website is static with little or no growth
  • You have a brand new website that you want to be running at its best from the get-go
  • You have made some significant changes to your website or have recently migrated it
  • You have multiple people working on your site
  • Your site is loading slowly
  • Your site has a high bounce rate
  • You are in a competitive industry

Our SEO Audits are among the most comprehensive you'll find in the industry. We check for hundreds of individual pointers that may be potentially causing issues on your site. We take an in-depth look at technical, on-page, off-page, content, and site architecture SEO.

We also factor in the type of site we are auditing; for instance, a local business is likely to have different SEO issues to an International eCommerce store. While many SEO audit services give you an off the peg report, ours is a tailored report that offers both traditional SEO solutions as well as those that are specific to your business type and your niche.

To list everything we provide with our SEO audit services is beyond the scope of our guide, but here are a few of the essentials we cover when auditing a website:

Technical issues we explore but that are not limited to are indexing issues, crawl errors and optimization, site and page speed, robots.txt, XML site maps, redirects, and mobile-friendliness.

Some of the on-site factors we investigate include site architecture, structured data [Schema], keyword research, UX [site usability], internal linking and this is just scratching the surface.

Content issues that we look for include missing or poorly optimized title tags and meta descriptions, duplicate content, keyword cannibalization issues, thin or low-quality content, broken images and missing image alt-tags to name just a few.

We also carry out a thorough analysis of your link profile to check for any toxic links that could impact your website.

Local sites would include additional checks such as NAP consistency, GMB listing and local structured data.

This, of course, is just a snapshot of the work involved. Your assigned SEO expert will leave no stone unturned, checking hundreds of factors that could be affecting the performance of your website.

The Search Initiative is a world-class SEO agency with some of the brightest minds in the business. We have established ourselves as industry leaders with a proven history of providing first-rate SEO services. Check out our testimonials and case studies to discover how we have achieved our stellar reputation.

Let's be clear that if you decide on our SEO audit service, we take our time - there are plenty of other services that will provide you with a report much faster than ours. But is that really what you want - an automatically generated report? TSI is different because we have meticulous attention to detail: some might call us obsessive. Do you want thorough or fast? Your call!

SEO can seem like a foreign language to some; robot.txt, XML sitemaps, canonical tags, and so on. While many website owners might be au fait with SEO terminology for others, it will be baffling. That's why we make our reports easy to understand and actionable with clear steps to follow.

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